S3 - Simple Solution for Schools

S3 (Simple Solution for Schools) is a feature-rich school management system using the latest Microsoft .NET technology. S3 effectively takes the issues with managing small schools into a very manageable and controlled environment. S3 tracks families, tuition, and student information and activities. S3 is priced with small budgets in mind. No per student or monthly fees.


Technology at work for you

S3 uses the latest Microsoft technology to ensure you are getting the most innovative program that is simple to use.

S3 is designed for all school sizes and will grow as your school grows. No limitations on the number of students, families, or faculty. No restrictions on the number of computers or number of users accessing the program.

Online updates mean you get the latest enhancements immediately. No waiting for developers to make a change and then ship an update to you once or twice a year. At GriffinHead Software, we listen to you and make sure you have the tools you need to administer your school at its highest level possible. Our support staff and developers work together to bring you the best possible solution that is simple to use.

Single Solution

Everything is in one place! No need to open up each file to see who turned in a certain form. No more looking for a students file!

  • Family and Students
  • Financials
  • Reports
    Coming Soon
  • Discipline, Courses/Classes
  • Scheduling, Grading
  • Fund Raising, Online access for families


Enter up to three mailing addresses per family which allows you to have extended families. You can also have up to 4 different fee schedules for charges/transactions. Utilize an unlimited amount of billing codes to group families for reports and financials. Keep track of Active, Inactive or Prospective families. Record religious information. Easily switch from Family to Student information and vice versa.


Keep track of Athletics, Immunizations, Authorized Pickup List, Forms, Achievements, and Health Records. Generate numerous reports with optional views.

Record Ethnicity and Race, Family Rank, Homeroom, Grade Level, Emergency Contacts, and Allergies. Easily view Family information from the student’s information screen.


Separate charges and corresponding payments into specific groups. Automatically calculate payments and balances. Unlimited number of billing codes to group families. Effortlessly generate and print statements and receipts. Produce reports to track charges and payments.

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This program offers everything you will need and so much more!