SOS - Simple Office Solutions

SOS (Simple Office Solutions) is designed to help with the day to day operations of a Medisoft vendor. SOS is a combination of a CRM (Contact Resource Management System), help desk and scheduler.

SOS contains a support and sales queue allowing you to keep your customer client base organized for better customer service and sales opportunities.

You will no longer have to try to remember who you helped with what or how you resolved their issue; log all of your client’s calls, their Medisoft Version, clearinghouse information, and much more. You will be able to do advanced searches to find similar issues that where resolved in previous calls. You can also log the amount of time spent on each call or issue.

Organize your client’s accounts using separate categories. This feature will enable you to see immediately the category for each client as they call in with support or sales questions.

SOS also will offer the ability to assigning certain calls to specific users and will eliminate transferring calls from one representative to the another.

Place client’s calls in an open issue queue so that you can easily refer back to those client’s that have unresolved issues.

Type in reminders to yourself that will appear on the program’s dashboard. Schedule t rainings and other appointments right within the program’s built in scheduler.

Run reports with multiple filters such as user, client, and many other tables.

This program offers everything you will need and so much more!