EDI Solutions for Medisoft


Send claims directly to your Clearinghouse in the 837 ANSI format!

  • Automatically transmits claims & pulls reports (with certain clearinghouses)
  • View Pre-verification report before sending claims
  • Ability to create multiple batches at one time
  • Hold or delete any individual batch
  • Creates a true ANSI EDI file
  • All fields pull directly from the Medisoft software
  • No more mapping & testing files
  • NPI numbers pull directly from Medisoft
  • Access to an archive of all batches sent
  • Integrated with SimpleERA (auto posting program)
  • Auto-create the EDI Receiver
  • Simplified secondary claims
  • 837 Professional and Institutional claims


Automatically post your ERA’s right into Medisoft to save time!

  • Compatible with all clearinghouses
  • Unique abilty to post payments from secondary payers
  • Define the posting date; check date or user defined
  • Billing Service friendly; Conveniently posts payments to all practices from one location
  • Archives all posted EOB’s making them available to view after the posting of payments at any time
  • Able to process multiple EOB’s from the same insurance company at one time
  • Able to process a single EOB from a multi-EOB ERA file
  • Ability to hold or not post one or more payments
  • Auto-link EOB Payer to the Medisoft insurance carrier


Send patient statements with the click of a button!

  • Simple, Fast, Accurate, Cost-effective and Secure
  • Four types of statements: Insurance Pending, Remainder, Past Due & a Collection Letter
  • Automatically flags your past due patients and/or guarantors with a color and billing code
  • Ability to create multiple batches at one time
  • Hold or delete any individual batch
  • Hold or Delete guarantor statements from the batch
  • View a pre batch report before you submit your statements
  • Access to an archive of all batches sent
  • Customize messages and data fields
  • Reduce the time to do statements by as much as 90%
  • Add statement note to any individual statement


You can insert multiple images into any patient’s case without having to access Medisoft.

  • Auto-Insertion of Images into the Case of any Patient
  • Ability to Create a New Case right from SimpleScan and Assign Insurance, Add Policy, Group Information and Assigned Provider
  • Insert already saved images or directly from the scanner
  • Works with any Twain document scanner
Read more at www.SimpleSuite.net